Arden Theater "Top Ten"

Originally appeared on the Arden Theater blog, March 2011. 


 I asked the Arden’s Costume Supervisor, Alison Roberts, to choose her “Arden Top 10”.  Alison and I both started the 2000-2001 Season.  I started as an Arden Professional Apprentice (Class 8 for all you alums out there) and Alison has held the Costume Supervisor position since 2000.  While my involvement with Arden productions has been in many different capacities over the years, she has built costumes for 70 Arden productions to date.  That’s a lot of clothing!  In her 10 ½ years at the Arden, she has only missed 2 productions (Loot and Winesburg, Ohio).  Those 2 absences must be excused though because they brought us Max Perlman, the intelligent and well spoken 5½ year old son of Alison and our Technical Director, Glenn Perlman. 

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